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Chapter 3: Supporting Jobs and Growth

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Canada’s Economic Action Plan is working. Since the beginning of the recovery, the Canadian economy has continued to create jobs, with over 1 million more Canadians working today than during the worst part of the recession. However, given the ongoing uncertainty in the global economic environment, it is important for the Government to continue to focus on supporting job creation and economic growth.

Building on actions taken since 2006, Economic Action Plan 2014 continues to implement the Government’s plan for jobs and growth by:

  • Connecting Canadians with available jobs by helping them to acquire the skills that will get them hired or help them get better jobs;
  • Fostering job creation, innovation and trade by keeping taxes low; reducing the tax compliance burden; and continuing to provide Canadian businesses and investors with the market access they need to succeed in the global economy;
  • Developing resources responsibly, conserving Canada’s natural heritage, and investing in infrastructure and transportation by supporting the mining, forestry and agriculture sectors; investing in national parks and conservation initiatives; expanding tax support for clean energy; and making strategic investments in public infrastructure and transportation services; and
  • Supporting families and communities by taking additional steps to protect Canadian consumers; keeping taxes low for families; and improving the safety of Canadians.
Table 3.0
Supporting Jobs and Growth
millions of dollars
  2013–14 2014–15 2015–16 Total
Connecting Canadians With Available Jobs
Ensuring Training Reflects Labour Market Needs 7 8 15
Training the Workforce of Tomorrow 66 194 259
Strengthening Canada’s Labour Market 2 43 43 89
Subtotal—Connecting Canadians With Available Jobs 2 116 245 363
Fostering Job Creation, Innovation and Trade
Keeping Taxes Low for Job-Creating Businesses 5 15 20
Fostering Trade and Canadian Entrepreneurship 195 302 497
Supporting Advanced Research and Innovation 423 410 833
Promoting Canada’s Financial Sector Advantage   1 2 3
Subtotal—Fostering Job Creation, Innovation and Trade 624 729 1,354
Responsible Resource Development, Conserving Canada’s Natural Heritage, and Investing in Infrastructure and Transportation
Responsible Resource Development 48 47 94
Supporting Mining, Forestry and Agriculture 86 11 97
Asserting Canada’s Sovereignty by Investing in the North 47 43 90
Conserving Canada’s Natural Heritage 13 21 33
Investing in Infrastructure and Transportation   160 216 376
Subtotal—Responsible Resource Development, Conserving Canada’s Natural Heritage, and Investing in Infrastructure and Transportation 353 337 691
Supporting Families and Communities
Consumers First 63 150 214
Investing in Families 3 52 54 108
Investing in Stronger Communities 103 187 352 641
Subtotal—Supporting Families and Communities 106 302 555 964
Total—Supporting Jobs and Growth 108 1,396 1,867 3,371
Less funds existing in the fiscal framework 23 497 703 1,222
Less funds sourced from internal reallocations 154 147 301
Less anticipated cost recovery 15 13 28
Net fiscal cost 86 730 1,003 1,819
Restoring the Effectiveness of the Excise Duty on Tobacco Products -96 -685 -660 -1,441
Note: Totals may not add due to rounding.

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