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Economic Action Plan 2014 is the latest chapter in the Government's efforts to ensure a prosperous future for Canadians.

Canada has a proven record of creating jobs and growth in an uncertain world.

But Canada is not immune to the challenges beyond our borders.

The global economy remains fragile.

That's why we must remain focused on seeing through the job creation and growth objectives that have underpinned the Economic Action Plan since its inception.

This means keeping taxes low, and controlling government spending, while investing more in the things that matter to Canadians, including our country's greatest asset: our people.

With spending under control, the Economic Action Plan puts Canada on the road to balance in 2015, without having to raise taxes or reduce transfers for critical health and social priorities.

Balancing the budget keeps interest rates low and instills confidence, attracting investment, creating jobs, raising our standard of living and helping protect the economy against shocks and challenges in an ever-changing world.

Canadians now enjoy the lowest tax burden in 50 years.

With more money in their pockets, Canadians have more flexibility to make the choices that are right for them.

Now, Economic Action Plan 2014 builds on this solid foundation with targeted, affordable new measures to support jobs and opportunities.

It invests in the skills and training Canadians need to connect with available jobs.

It fosters a vibrant entrepreneurial culture so businesses can innovate and attract investment.

It reduces unnecessary red tape that can prevent Canadian businesses from growing and becoming more competitive.

It strengthens our manufacturing sector and creates new markets for Canadian businesses and investors.

And it makes over $1.6 billion in strategic investments in infrastructure and transportation that creates jobs and a high quality of life in communities across Canada.

At the same time, it is supporting families and communities with new steps in our Government's Consumers First agenda to lower prices paid by consumers, improve marketplace fairness, expand consumer choice and protect Canadians' health and safety.

And taking action to keep us safe and improve our quality of life.

Since its inception, Canada's Economic Action Plan has responded to a changing world with targeted initiatives that have kept our country ahead of the curve and positioned Canadians for long-term success.

With its balanced, forward-looking investments and responsible economic and fiscal management, Economic Action Plan 2014 will continue to deliver these positive results for Canadians, their families, communities and businesses.

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