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Chapter 3: Supporting Jobs and Growth


While our economy continues to grow and create jobs, the global economy remains fragile, Canadian businesses face ever-increasing competition from emerging market countries and a growing mismatch exists between available jobs and those looking for work.

In this environment, the Governments focus is on supporting job creation and growth.

Building on actions taken since 2006, Economic Action Plan 2013 introduces key initiatives to create jobs, promote growth and support long-term prosperity:

  • Connecting Canadians With Available Jobs by equipping them with the skills and training they require to obtain high-quality, well-paying jobs.
  • Helping Manufacturers and Businesses Succeed in the Global Economy by enhancing the conditions that foster the creation and growth of businesses, including measures that support a globally competitive manufacturing sector, build on Canada's financial sector advantage, increase and diversify our exports, and develop our natural resources in a safe, responsible and secure way, to protect and create high-quality, value-added jobs.
  • A New Building Canada Plan that adds to the unprecedented investments in public infrastructure since 2006 and focuses on projects that create jobs and promote long-term economic growth and provide a high quality of life for Canadian families.
  • Investing in World-Class Research and Innovation by promoting advanced, world-class research and business innovation, and fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial culture where new ideas are translated from laboratories into the marketplace.
  • Supporting Families and Communities by investing in safe and secure communities and expanding opportunities for all Canadians to enjoy a high quality of life.
Table 3.0
Supporting Jobs and Growth
millions of dollars
2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 Total
Connecting Canadians With Available Jobs
The Canada Job Grant/Labour Market Agreements 500 500
Creating Opportunities for Apprentices 0 1 2
Supporting Job Opportunities for All Canadians 117 176 293
Subtotal—Connecting Canadians With Available Jobs 117 677 795
Helping Manufacturers and Businesses Succeed
  in the Global Economy
Strengthening the Competitiveness
  of the Manufacturing Sector
382 382
Supporting Small Businesses 56 174 15 245
Growing Trade and Investment 1 1 3
Responsible Resource Development 185 -19 166
Keeping Taxes Low for Job-Creating Businesses 2 5 6
Subtotal—Helping Manufacturers and Businesses
  Succeed in the Global Economy
56 362 385 802
Federal Investments in Job Creating Infrastructure
The New Building Canada Fund 210 210
Investments in Federal Infrastructure 123 102 225
Subtotal—Federal Investments in Job Creating Infrastructure 123 312 435
Investing in World-Class Research and Innovation
Supporting Advanced Research 174 206 380
Pursuing a New Approach to Supporting Business Innovation 75 88 163
Enhancing Canada's Venture Capital System 18 26 44
Subtotal—Investing in World-Class Research and Innovation 267 320 587
Supporting Families and Communities
Support for Families 82 82 164
Investing in Communities 133 476 609
Protecting Canada's Natural Environment 32 9 41
Building Strong Aboriginal Communities 95 90 185
Subtotal—Supporting Families and Communities 342 657 999
Total—Supporting Jobs and Growth 56 1,210 2,352 3,618
Less funds existing in the fiscal framework 281 1,394 1,675
Less funds sourced from internal reallocations 6 27 33
Net fiscal cost 56 922 931 1,909
Note: Totals may not add due to rounding.