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Budget Plan


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Table of Contents


Canada at 150

A Story of People and Progress

The Challenge of Change

Real Change for Canadians

Canada's Place in a Time of Change

A Long-Term Plan to Strengthen and Grow the Middle Class

The Case for Innovation

Budget 2017: Building a Strong Middle Class Through Innovation


Economic and Fiscal Overview: Progress for the Middle Class


The Canadian Economy Is Showing Resilience

Private Sector Outlook

Risk Assessment

Economic and Fiscal Developments

Continued Investments in a Strong Middle Class

Investing in Priorities

Upside and Downside Risks to the Economic and Fiscal Outlook

Revitalizing the Economy With Investments to Grow the Middle Class

Chapter 1—Skills, Innovation and Middle Class Jobs


Canada's Innovation and Skills Plan

Part 1—Equipping Canadians With the Skills They Need to Get Good Jobs

Lifelong Learning: Supporting Working Canadians

Helping Canadians Get New and Better Jobs

Helping Working Adults Upgrade Their Skills

Encouraging Unemployed Canadians to Seek New Training Through Employment Insurance

Investing in Skills Innovation

Helping Young Canadians Succeed

Expanding the Youth Employment Strategy

A New, Ambitious Approach to Work-Integrated Learning

Renewing Investments in Pathways to Education Canada

Improving Access to the Canada Learning Bond

Youth Service

Building a Workforce That Looks Like Canada

Expanding Employment Insurance Benefits to Offer More Flexibility for Families

Improving Benefit Delivery

Creating More Opportunities for Indigenous Peoples

Post-Secondary Student Support Program


Supporting Access to Skills Development and Training for Indigenous Peoples

Reducing Employment Barriers for First Nations Youth Living On-Reserve

Investing in Adult Basic Education in the North

Attracting Top Talent From Around the World

Global Skills Strategy

Attracting Talent to Strengthen University Research

Improving the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and the International Mobility Program

Recognizing Foreign Credentials

Giving Canadians Living With Disabilities an Opportunity to Succeed

Preparing for the Digital Economy

Teaching Kids to Code

Expanding Digital Learning Opportunities

Developing Assistive Technology

Making Home Internet Access More Affordable for Low-Income Families

Promoting STEM to Young Canadians

Part 2—A Nation of Innovators

Innovation Canada: A New Approach to Supporting Canadian Innovators

Accelerating Innovation Through Superclusters

Innovating to Solve Canada's Big Challenges

The New Strategic Innovation Fund: A Simpler, More Flexible Tool to Grow Canada's Economy

Supporting Canadian Innovators Through Venture Capital

Helping Women Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses and the Economy

Supporting the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Helping Innovative Companies Grow Through Strategic Procurement

Obtaining the Best Value in Procurement

Intellectual Property Strategy 2017

Fundamental Science Review

Strengthening Science in Government

Positioning National Research Council Canada Within the Innovation and Skills Plan

Attracting International Tourists to Grow Our Economy

Supporting Early-Stage Mineral Exploration by Junior Companies

Supporting Jobs in the Resource Sector

Strengthening Trade Within Canada

Part 3—Canada's Innovation Economy: Clean Technology, Digital Industries and Agri-Food

Canada's Clean Technology Advantage

Access to Financing for Cleantech Firms

Promoting the Demonstration of Clean Technologies

Investing in Research and Development for Clean Energy and Transportation

Encouraging Clean Technology in the Natural Resources Sectors

Expanding Tax Support for Clean Energy

Capitalizing on International Business Development for Clean Technology

Establishing a Clean Technology Data Strategy and the Clean Growth Hub

Canada's Digital Future

Canada as an Advanced Digital Environment

Growing Canada's Advantage in Artificial Intelligence

Supporting Innovation in Financial Services

Canadian Digital Services

Growing the Economy Through Agri-Food Innovation

Developing the Next Agricultural Policy Framework

Advancing Agricultural Science and Innovation

Chapter 2—Communities Built for Change

Canada in 10 Years

Investing to Create Jobs and Build Strong Communities

Encouraging Innovation With the Smart Cities Challenge

Delivering Results With the Canada Infrastructure Bank

Accelerated Implementation

Better Decisions Through Better Data

Building Strong Communities With Public Transit

Creating Canada's Clean Growth Economy

Celebrating and Protecting Our Natural Heritage

Completing the Trans Canada Trail

Protecting Canada's Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems

Improving Air Quality for Canadians

The Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change

Federal Carbon Pricing Backstop

Complementary Actions

Accelerating the Replacement of  Coal-Generated Electricity

Reducing Reliance on Diesel in Indigenous and Northern Communities

A More Energy Efficient Transportation Sector

Greener Buildings

Leading by Example

Adaptation and Climate Resilience

Clean Technology

Policy, Communications and Engagement

Charting a Better Future for Rural and Northern Communities

Building Stronger Communities and Neighbourhoods

Supporting Families Through Early Learning and Child Care

Building an Inclusive National Housing Strategy

A Renewed Federal-Provincial-Territorial Partnership in Housing

A New National Housing Fund

Targeted Support for Northern Housing

Targeted Housing Support for Indigenous Peoples Not Living On-Reserve

Working Together to Tackle Homelessness

Making More Federal Lands Available for Affordable Housing

Strengthening Housing Research and Establishing a Housing Statistics Framework

Delivering Better Transportation to Support Trade

Moving People and Helping Businesses Compete

National Trade Corridors Fund

Trade and Transportation Information System

Modernizing Canada's Transportation System

Connecting Communities by Rail and Water

Investing in Canadian Small Craft Harbours

Protecting Air Travellers

Strengthening Cultural and Recreational Infrastructure

Canada Cultural Spaces Fund

Community Educational Infrastructure

Enabling Accessibility Fund

Improving Indigenous Communities

Prioritizing Critical Home Care Infrastructure

Chapter 3—A Strong Canada at Home and in the World


Part 1—Stronger Health Care and a Healthier Canada

Home Care and Mental Health

Prescription Medications and Health Innovation

Canadian Drugs and Substances Strategy

Public Education Programming and Surveillance for Legalized Cannabis

Territorial Health Investment Fund

Supporting Canada's High-Performance Athletes

Part 2—Furthering Partnerships With Indigenous Peoples

Healthier First Nations and Inuit Communities

Building Strong Indigenous Communities

A Renewed Nation-to-Nation Relationship

Taking Steps to Preserve, Revitalize and Enhance Indigenous Languages and Cultures

Investing in Indigenous Youth and Sport

Promoting the Use of Restorative Justice Practices

Rehabilitating and Reintegrating Past Offenders

Policing Services in First Nations Communities

Supporting Indigenous Participation in Fisheries

Launching an Indigenous Guardians Pilot Project to Promote Environmental Stewardship of Indigenous Lands

Tailored Programs and Services to Support Indigenous Peoples Living in Urban Centres

Part 3—Greater Support for Canada's Veterans and Their Families

Further Enhancing Lifelong Financial Support for Our Ill and Injured Veterans

Closing the Seam—Supporting Canadian Armed Forces Members and Veterans

A New Veterans' Education and Training Benefit

Enhancing Career Transition Services

Caregiver Recognition Benefit

Eliminating Vocational Rehabilitation Time Limits for Veterans' Survivors and Spouses

Expanding Access to the Military Family Resource Centres for Medically Released Veterans' Families

Creating a Centre of Excellence on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Related Mental Health Conditions

Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund

Veteran Emergency Fund

Part 4—Upholding Canada's Place in the World

Canada-United States Relationship

Growth and Development in Asia

Canada-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement

A Comprehensive Approach to International Assistance

Innovative Development Finance

Improving Market Access for the World's Least Developed Countries

Helping Build a Safer and More Prosperous World

Protecting the Integrity of Canada's Asylum System

Better Legal Aid Services for Asylum Seekers

Building on Canada's Global Cooperation

Delivering a Modern, More Agile, Better-Equipped Military

Part 5—Safety and Security for Canadians

A New National Strategy to Address Gender-Based Violence

Modernizing Our Corrections System

Improving Mental Health Supports for Inmates

Recognizing Our Community Heroes

Strengthening the Family Justice System

Building a Strong Judiciary

Strengthening Access to the Canadian Justice System

Ensuring Parliament Serves Canadians in Their Preferred Official Language

Protecting Canadians and Canada's Critical Infrastructure

Protecting Communities at Risk

Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure

Energy Infrastructure

Enhancing Explosives Safety

Strengthening Canada's Food Safety System

Chapter 4—Tax Fairness for the Middle Class


A Fair and Efficient Tax System for Canadians

A Tax System That's Fair for Middle Class Canadians

Tax Planning Using Private Corporations

Ensuring Tax Integrity

A Better, More Efficient Tax System

Tax Relief for Individuals and Families

Eliminating Inefficient Tax Measures

Providing Greater Consistency

Maintaining a Resilient Financial Sector

Protecting Financial Stability in Canada

Enhancing the Bank Resolution Regime

Deposit Insurance Review

Strengthening the Oversight of Financial Market Infrastructures

Strengthening Corporate and Beneficial Ownership Transparency

Strengthening Canada's Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing Regime

Parliamentary Approval of Government Borrowing

Phasing out the Canada Savings Bonds Program

Chapter 5—Equal Opportunity: Budget 2017's Gender Statement


Gender in Canada in 2017

The Gender Wage Gap

Labour Market Challenges

Poverty and Violence

Taking Action on Gender-Based Challenges

Budget 2016: Meaningful Investments to Support Gender Equality

Budget 2017: An Inclusive Plan for Growth

Chapter 1—Skills, Innovation and Middle Class Jobs

Chapter 2—Communities Built for Change

Chapter 3—A Strong Canada at Home and in the World

Chapter 4—Tax Fairness for the Middle Class

The Path Forward

Annex 1—Details of Economic and Fiscal Projections

Annex 2—Debt Management Strategy for 2017–18

Tax Measures: Supplementary Information

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