Budget 2016


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Table of Contents

A New Approach

The Promise of Progress

An Uncertain Future

The Rise of Inequality

Realizing Change

Restoring Hope, Rewarding Hard Work

Positioning Canada in a Shifting World Economy

A Long-Term Plan for Growth

Toward More Inclusive Growth


The Path Forward


Global Economic Developments and Outlook

Global Growth Has Slowed

Financial Market Volatility Has Risen

Commodity Prices Have Fallen Sharply

Canada's Economic Situation

The Effect of Low Oil Prices on National Income, Investment and Employment

Positive Developments Outside the Energy Sector

The Conditions for More Robust Growth Going Forward

Outstanding Risks to the Economic Outlook

Canada's Fiscal Strength

Taking Action to Grow the Economy

Economic Impacts of Measures

A Responsible Approach to Fiscal Management

A Responsible Return to Balanced Budgets

Repealing the Federal Balanced Budget Act

Chapter 1 – Help for the Middle Class


Strengthening the Middle Class

Introducing the Canada Child Benefit

How Canadian Families Will Benefit From the New Canada Child Benefit

Eliminating Income Splitting for Couples With Children

Eliminating the Children's Fitness Tax Credit and the Children's Arts Tax Credit

Helping Young Canadians Succeed

Making Post-Secondary Education More Affordable

Enhancing Canada Student Grants

Making Student Debt More Manageable

Introducing a Flat-Rate Student Contribution

Eliminating the Education Tax Credit and the Textbook Tax Credit

Helping Youth Obtain Valuable Work Experience

A Renewed Youth Employment Strategy

Prime Minister's Youth Council

Youth Service

Expert Panel on Youth Employment

Increasing Co-op Placements and Strengthening Work Integrated Learning..

Improving Employment Insurance

Expanding Access to Employment Insurance for New Entrants and  Re-entrants

Reducing the Employment Insurance Waiting Period From Two Weeks to One

Extending the Working While on Claim Pilot Project

Simplifying Job Search Responsibilities for Employment Insurance Claimants

Extending Employment Insurance Regular Benefits in Affected Regions

Extending the Maximum Duration of Work-Sharing Agreements

Making Employment Insurance Service Delivery More Responsive

Enhancing Access to Employment Insurance Call Centres

Strengthening the Integrity of the Employment Insurance Program

Investing in Skills and Training

Enhancing Investments in Training

Strengthening Union-Based Apprenticeship Training

Investing in Adult Basic Education in the North

Increasing the Northern Residents Deduction

Supporting Flexible Work Arrangements

Labour Market Information for Canadians

Introducing a Teacher and Early Childhood Educator School Supply Tax Credit

Chapter 2 – Growth for the Middle Class


Investing in Infrastructure to Create Jobs and Prosperity for the Middle Class

Phase 1 of Canada's New Infrastructure Plan

Building Strong Cities Through Investments in Public Transit

Investing in Green Infrastructure

Building Capacity in Municipalities to Address Climate Change

Funding Innovative Green Municipal Projects

Developing Community Capacity for Asset Management Best Practices

Adaptation and Climate Resilient Infrastructure

Sustaining Healthy Communities Through a New Clean Water and Wastewater Fund

Building Stronger Communities

Expanding Affordable Housing

Supporting Early Learning and Child Care

Investing in Cultural and Recreational Infrastructure

Assisting Homeowners Affected by Pyrrhotite

Improving Access for Rural Communities to the Digital Economy

Revitalizing Federal Public Infrastructure Across Canada

Accelerating Federal Infrastructure Investments

Supporting Water Infrastructure in Saskatchewan

Improving Rail Service

Supporting Ferry Services in Atlantic Canada

Building A More Innovative Country

Strengthening Science and Research

Strategic Infrastructure Investments at Post-Secondary Institutions

Strengthening Canada's World-Class Research Capacity and Excellence

Ensuring Federal Support for Research Is Strategic and Effective

Supporting Canada's Continued Leadership in Space

Growing the Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector

Investing in Agricultural Science

Supporting Business Growth and Innovation

Strengthening Innovation Networks and Clusters

Helping High-Impact Firms Scale Up

Supporting a Strong and Innovative Automotive Sector

Developing a Canadian Cluster Map to Identify and Build on Regional Strengths

Helping Small and Medium-Sized Companies to Innovate and Grow

Strengthening Canada's Network of Accelerators and Incubators

Linking Canadian Technology Companies to Global Markets and Expertise

Supporting Business Innovation Through Optics and Photonics Solutions.

Marketing Canada as a Premier Tourism Destination

Strengthening Northern Economic Development

Mineral Exploration Tax Credit

Expanding Trade Opportunities

Supporting Manufacturers Through Tariff Relief

Supporting Ferry Fleet Renewal

Strengthening Canada's Response to Unfair Trade

Chapter 3 – A Better Future for Indigenous Peoples


National Inquiry Into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Engaging With Indigenous Peoples

Improving Primary and Secondary Education for First Nations Children

Fostering Better Learning Environments by Investing in First Nations Schools

Ensuring the Safety and Well-Being of First Nations Children

Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy

Investing in Social Infrastructure to Create Inclusive Growth

Improving Housing in First Nations Communities

Supporting Northern and Inuit Housing

Providing Safe Shelter for Victims of Violence

Supporting Early Learning and Child Care

Investing in Cultural and Recreational Infrastructure

Improving Community Health Care Facilities On Reserve

Investing in Green Infrastructure On Reserve

Monitoring of Water On Reserve

Strengthening On Reserve Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Addressing Waste Management for First Nations Communities

Investing in Community Infrastructure

Métis Nation Economic Development Strategy

Renewing the Urban Aboriginal Strategy

Assisting Indigenous Peoples Facing the Criminal Justice System

Aboriginal Languages Initiative

Support for the First Nations Finance Authority

Supporting First Nations Fishing Enterprises

Chapter 4 –A Clean Growth Economy


Investing In Clean Technology

Accelerating Clean Technology Development

Investing in Electric Vehicle and Alternative Transportation Fuels Infrastructure

Expanding Tax Support for Clean Energy

Investing in World-Leading Researchers in Clean and Sustainable Technology

Increasing Federal Support for Clean Technology Activities in All Regions

Advancing Regional Electricity Cooperation

Developing Cleaner Oil and Gas Technologies

Improving Data on the Clean Technology Sector

Securing A Cleaner, More Sustainable Environment

Addressing Climate Change and Air Pollution

Supporting the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change

Moving to a Cleaner Transportation Sector

Supporting Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Development

Adapting to Climate Change Impacts

Ensuring International Environmental Cooperation

Reducing Air Pollution

Tax Treatment of Emission Allowance Regimes

Protecting and Restoring Canada's Ecosystems and Natural Heritage

Providing Free Access and Expanding the National Park System

Protecting Marine and Coastal Areas

Investing in Ocean and Freshwater Research

Improving Great Lakes Water Quality and Ecosystem Health

Managing Transboundary Water Issues

Addressing the Threat of Pollutants From the Manolis L

Strengthening Canada's Environmental Assessment Processes

Restoring Trust in Environmental Assessment

Supporting the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Taking Stock of the Arctic Environment

Improving Regulatory Review Processes for Major Projects in the North

Chapter 5 – An Inclusive and Fair Canada


Improving the Quality of Life for Seniors

Increasing the Guaranteed Income Supplement for Single Seniors

Enhancing the Canada Pension Plan

Restoring the Eligibility Ages of the Old Age Security Program

Increased Support for Senior Couples Living Apart

Ensuring Seniors Benefits Keep Pace With the Cost of Living

Supporting Canada's Veterans

Enhancing Services for Veterans

Financial Support for Veterans

Last Post Fund


Invictus Games

Strengthening Canada's Health Care System

Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement

Canada Health Infoway

Expanding Nutrition North Canada

Enhancing Food Safety in Canada

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer

Improving Heart Health for Women

Tackling Men's Health

Improving Immunization Coverage Rates

Harmonization of Concussion Management Guidelines

Improving Canada's Justice System

Taking Action Against Guns and Gangs

Reinstating the Court Challenges Program of Canada

Ensuring Access to Justice

A More Efficient Federal Court System

Investing in Arts and Culture

Investing in Arts and Cultural Organizations

Showcasing Canada's Cultural Industries to the World

Supporting National Museums

Enhancing Public Safety

Office of the Community Outreach and Counter-Radicalization Coordinator

Strengthening Heavy Urban Search and Rescue

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Vancouver Laboratory Relocation

Reopening the Kitsilano Canadian Coast Guard Facility

Strengthening the Security of Government of Canada Networks and Cyber Systems

Enhancing the Safety of Railways and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Improving Motor Vehicle Safety

Chapter 6 – Canada in the World


Restoring and Renewing International Assistance

Increasing the International Assistance Envelope

Promoting International Peace and Security

Expanding Immigration

Expanding Canada's Intake of Syrian Refugees

Reducing Application Processing Times

Achieving Higher Permanent Resident Admissions

Improving Export Verifications

Defending Canada

Renewing Major Equipment for the Canadian Armed Forces

Chapter 7 – Open and Transparent Government


Improving Service for Canadians

Improving Client Services at the Canada Revenue Agency

Government of Canada Service Strategy

Opening Government and Engaging Canadians

Enhancing Access to Information

Expanding Open Data Initiatives

Electoral Reform

Parliamentary Approval of Government Borrowing

Better Government for Canadians

Focusing on Outcomes

Strengthening the Public Service

Reviewing Spending and the Tax System

Investing in Government Information Technology

Transforming Government Back Office Systems

Bargaining in Good Faith With Federal Government Unions

Increasing Capacity at Status of Women Canada

Treasury Board Program Integrity Process

Chapter 8 – Tax Fairness and a Strong Financial Sector


Making the Tax System More Fair

Improving Tax Compliance

Cracking Down on Tax Evasion and Combatting Tax Avoidance

Enhancing Tax Collections

Enhancing Tax Integrity

Strengthening International Tax Integrity

Enhancing Domestic Tax Integrity

Other Tax Measures

Small Business Income Tax Rate

Eligible Capital Property

Donations of Real Estate and Shares of Private Corporations

Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance for Liquefied Natural Gas Facilities.

Restoring the Labour-Sponsored Venture Capital Corporations Tax Credit

Strengthening the Financial Sector to Support Economic Growth

Enhancing Consumer Protection

Renewing Financial Sector Legislation

Introducing a Bank Recapitalization "Bail-in" Regime

Studying Housing and Household Indebtedness

Monitoring Systemic Risks to the Financial System

Supporting a Robust Credit Union System Across Canada

Enhancing the Strong Regulatory and Supervisory Framework
for Federally Regulated Pension Plans

Ensuring the Ongoing Effective Management of Canada's Finances

Annex 1 – Details of Economic and Fiscal Projections

Annex 2 – Economic Impacts of Budget Measures

Annex 3 – Debt Management Strategy for 2016–17

Tax Measures: Table of Contents

Tax Measures: Supplementary Information

Tax Measures: Notices of Ways and Means Motions

Tax Measures: Explanatory Notes – Eligible Capital Property


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