Fall Economic Statement 2016


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – A Plan for Middle Class Progress


Why the Middle Class Matters

Early Progress for Canada's Middle Class

Growing the Middle Class

Better Opportunities for Canadian Children

Better Jobs and More Liveable Cities

More Affordable Post-Secondary Education

Renewing the Relationship With Indigenous Peoples

A More Secure and Dignified Retirement

The Path Forward

Chapter 2 – Investing in the New Economy

Investing in Canada

A Long-Term Plan to Build Strong Communities, Create Jobs and Grow the Economy

Public Transit: Faster Commutes and Innovative Communities

Green Infrastructure: Clean Air, Clean Water

Social Infrastructure: Better Neighbourhoods for Our Kids

Getting Canadian Products to Global Markets

Rural and Northern Communities

Smart Cities Challenge

Innovative Financing: The Canada Infrastructure Bank

Creating Jobs and Prosperity for the Middle Class

Attracting Investment

Global Skills Strategy

Delivering More Open and Transparent Government

More Independence for the Parliamentary Budget Officer

More Independence for the Chief Statistician of Canada

An End to Secrecy at the Board of Internal Economy

Greater Clarity on Government Spending

More Rigorous and Inclusive Analysis

Chapter 3 – Economic and Fiscal Overview


Global Economic Developments and Outlook

Slow Global Growth Continues

Markets Are Adapting to Lower Growth Expectations and Unprecedented Monetary Policy

Commodity Prices Are Expected to Remain Low

Canada's Economic Situation

The Canadian Economy Remains Resilient

Canadian Economic Outlook—Private Sector Forecasts

Impact of Economic Developments on the Fiscal Outlook

New Investments to Grow the Middle Class

Upside and Downside Risks to the Economic and Fiscal Outlook

Impact of Alternative Growth Scenarios

Revitalizing the Economy With Investments to Grow the Middle Class

Annex 1 – Details of Economic and Fiscal Projections

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