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Chart 4.1 - Discrimination Complaints Received by the Canadian Human Rights Commission

This graphic is a breakdown of the discrimination complaints received by the Canadian Human Rights Commission in 2017-18. In that year, disability complaints represented 59% of complaints while 41% of complaints were other.

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Chart 4.3

International Assistance Envelope Funding Structure, 2019–20 Projections
Strategic Priorities Fund 135.7
Crisis Pool 200
International Financial Institutions 777.2
Peace, Security & Governance 406.5
International Humanitarian Assistance 787.5
Core Development 3438.5

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Figure 4 .1 - Dementia in Canada According to national data (2013-2014), of people 65+

According to national data (2013-2014), of people 65+:

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Figure 4.2 - Impact of Suicide in Canada

For every 1 suicide death there are:

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Figure 4.3 - Canada Food Policy

The Canada Food Policy has four areas of action: 1) Helping Canadian Communities Access Healthy Food; 2) Making Canadian Food the Top Choice at Home and Abroad; 3) Support for Food Security in Northern and Indigenous Communities; and 4) Reducing Food Waste.

In the area of helping Canadian communities access healthy food, Budget 2019 announces the Government's intention to work with provinces and territories towards the creation of a National School Food Program, the creation of the Local Food Infrastructure Fund, a Buy Canadian Promotion Campaign, and the enhancement of federal capacity for inspections and enforcement to tackle food fraud.

In relation to making Canadian food the top choice at home and abroad, Budget 2019 commits to supporting food processors, and launching a three-year immigration pilot program. The Export Diversification Strategy is a previous government initiative in this area.

As a part of supporting food security in Northern and Indigenous communities, Budget 2019 announces the Northern Isolated Communities Initiatives Fund. The Harvester's Support Grant is a previous Government initiative in this area.

In the area of reducing food waste, Budget 2019 announces the Food Waste Reduction Challenge as well as the Federal Leadership in Food Waste Reduction initiative. 

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